Reviving Vintage Trends: How Fashion History Influences Today’s Looks


From bell-bottoms to bucket hats, fashion trends come and go. There’s something to be said for vintage style – clothing from years gone by, with a modern flair. While some items have been relegated to the back of the closet, many fashion trends have experienced a revival. It’s no wonder why – these trends embrace the idea that there’s something to be learned from fashion history. Read on to discover how vintage trends can shape today’s looks and looks to come.

1. Digging Up Fashion’s Forgotten Treasures

Fashion is an ever-evolving trend, bringing with it innovation, creativity and new ideas to keep us entertained. It moves quickly from season to season, drifting from the ‘hall of fame’ into the archives of forgotten styles. But sometimes, digging through fashion’s past unearths some rare gems that should never have been forgotten.

One such hidden treasure is the overcoat. Exuding sophistication and elegance, overcoats have enjoyed time in the limelight throughout the 19th century and are currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Available in a variety of styles, there’s something for everyone, making overcoats the perfect choice to add a timeless feel to any modern wardrobe.

Or, for a more casual look, why not crowbar out some classic Levi’s jeans? With their iconic design and versatility, jeans are an essential item for any casual wardrobe. From authentic bootcut denim to raw-hem stonewash, every jean lover will find something to love.

For the more daring dressers, exploring forgotten fashion may lead you to ‘grandpa sweaters’. Grandpa sweaters are cozy, oversized knits that make a statement wherever you go. Their chunky yet comfortable silhouette complements a variety of looks, from 70s-inspired indie to subtle modern elegance. A true wildcard when it comes to fashion.

Clothing is an expression of our individual styles, and often that means looking beyond the trends of today. By digging up some of fashion’s hidden gems, you can bring something truly unique and timeless to any wardrobe. So don’t be afraid to explore – you never know what treasures you may find.

2. Accessorizing with Yesteryear’s Aesthetics

For those looking to stay true to fashion of the past, customizing outfits through vintage-inspired accessories is the perfect way to go. Whether its via statement jewelry pieces, handbags with a modern twist, or haberdashery touches, makes any look turn to the classical.

  • Jewelry pieces – Fashion influences of the 1920s, 50s and 70s can all be seen, from Art-Deco motifs and classic pearls to layered necklaces and boho-style rings.
  • Handbags – Embellished pieces reminiscent of tapestry or vintage leather, as well as trendy style like patent, bucket bags, tote bags, and beaded fringe purses.
  • Gloves – Bring a classic touch to any outfit, with styles ranging from ombre fades to plain colors and embellished finishes.
  • Hats – Influenced by times gone by, potter, fedora, trilby, and newsboy caps add a touch of sophistication to any look.
  • Sunglasses – Reclaiming the shapes and styles of the 60s and 70s, from the unique to the classic designs, sunglasses offer lighthearted fun in fashion.

From bold patterns to soft touches, pins, belts, tie clips, bolo ties and cufflinks offer versatile styling options. Incorporate brooches and scarves that draw on features from both classic and modern designs to enhance a wardrobe.

Shoes can be reinvented with vintage inspired-style, with patterns, colors and details that pay homage to the style icons of yesteryear. A tasselled loafer or casual derby strive to cross eras with timeless touches.

For the modern man or woman, can be a great way to give a nod to fashion of the past, while mixing and matching with subtle touches and classic style.

3. The Endless Influence of the Past on Modern Looks

It’s impossible to create a modern look without considering the designs of the past. Whether you are looking for fashion trends, home decor, or creative inspirations, it pays to look back in order to go forward.

Traditional Patterns
Although fashion trends go in and out of style, there is something to be said for the timeless elegance of traditional designs. Long-lasting patterns such as paisley, stripes, and tartan are still seen in the latest fashion looks, but often in a modernized way. By remixing classic patterns like these, fashion stores are able to give beloved designs an exciting new twist.

Early Art Movements
Designers often look to art movements of the past to inspire modern looks. The classic designs of Art Nouveau and Art Deco can be seen in everything from jewelry to wallpaper, furniture, and even clothing. By reimagining classic elements from these movements, designers are able to give modern takes on traditional styles.

Iconic Figures
People throughout history have had an impact on modern fashion. From the Hollywood glamour of Rita Hayworth to the classic style of Audrey Hepburn and the punk look of David Bowie, each iconic figure has contributed something to current trends in their own way. By taking a look at the fashion of past personalities, it’s easy to be inspired by these classic looks for modern looks.

The Power of Retro
Sometimes, classic looks are revived with a fresh twist. Vintage styles are often given a modern update with modern silhouettes and fabrications. A classic ’80s style can be seen on the runway with shoulder-padded jackets, and ’70s trends like bell-bottom jeans are seen everywhere. By reworking vintage looks, designers are able to bring back something old in a new and exciting way.

  • Timeless patterns are a great way to give modern looks familiar touches
  • Drawing from classic art movements can spark new designs
  • The fashion of past figures is still relevant today
  • Vintage styles often get a modern makeover

Fashion is a constantly-evolving cycle of trends and ideas. What was chic in one decade may be discredited in the next. Yet, just like a moth drawn to flame, fashion often finds itself coming back around to vintage trends from seasons and years past.

Vintage-Inspired Leather. Well-crafted accessories never go out of style, and leather bags, briefcases, and jackets continue to remain statements of distinctive style. Sophisticated and timeless, items from bygone eras can take us back to a time of revival and reflect classic trends in an updated way.

Double Denim. Citing denim as a style staple isn’t revolutionary, yet the recent memo of styling two pieces of denim at once is a welcomed treat. Distressed patched denim jackets paired with skinny jeans or mom denim and denim chambray shorts combine to create an updated take on classic trends.

  • Prairie Dresses
  • Headbands
  • Platforms Shoes

Vintage-Inspired Silhouettes. Throw it back to the ’80s by donning an oversized blazer or structured, wide-shoulder shoulder top and trouser pant. Rediscover classic silhouettes that exude timeless elegance. Whether it’s an A-line dress trimmed with lace or a classic blouse adorned with ruffle trim, layer and adopt vintage-inspired shapes, from structured puff sleeves to impossibly high waists.

Statement Florals.Floral patterns are a befitting way to embrace the most current trends and classic designs. The boldness of the prints remains widely appreciated and draws us back to an era of power-dressing. Styled in a modern way, this trend is sure to turn heads.

In fashion, as with many other aspects of life, we often find ourselves looking to the past with nostalgia in order to better understand our present. By blending vintage trends with modern technologies, we can create fascinating and fashionable looks that will make us stand out from the crowd and evoke memories from years gone by. Now is the time to become familiar with fashion history and show the world that you know how to diversify your wardrobe and turn heads.

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